Filament is out now, and maybe it’s my favorite puzzle game of 2020.


Filament, an elegant narrative puzzle installed aboard a seemingly abandoned spaceship, has been officially launched with Linux support from Beard Envy and Kasedo Games. Note: Copy provided by

They can hardly imagine mooring with alabaster and having the ship’s pilot, Juniper, call for help. You’re stuck in the cockpit, asking for help as you try to find out what happened, solving one puzzle after another, which is confusing, but also stupid and fascinating.

As for the puzzle games, Philament is really cute and entertaining. There is so much friendliness and atmosphere that we don’t want to downplay it. Mechanically it’s also quite simple in the beginning, with simple operation, because in most cases you just have to walk around the objects with a wire to connect everything together, but in later parts it’s also an insane challenge.

Filament is out now, and maybe it’s my favorite puzzle game of 2020.

He’s really here. Somewhere.

There were some puzzles I didn’t like, I was stuck for hours. But there’s no real sense of failure. You can quickly go back to the beginning of the puzzle or simply rewind a piece by pressing a button. He’s doing a great job managing complexity. Although you can’t really fail, Filament gives you a great sense of satisfaction when you finally find the solution to the puzzle. A 20 minute rush to run and get confused, then suddenly a click, it was incredible.

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What certainly helps to alleviate any frustrations are not only the simple controls, but also the many paths that can be taken. You can explore each part of the ship a little bit, there are different sets of puzzles in different rooms that you can use to return to one of them later. It’s also very good, as I said before, it seems mechanically simple at first, but it gradually draws you into more complex functions. At later levels, it’s not that easy. You just put wires around a ton of puzzles, but he always keeps it simple.

As you continue, you have to deal with the following things: wires and knots of different colors, wrap the wire around a certain knot to open a small door through the wall to position yourself correctly, wrap it around another, some knots have to be activated in a certain order, there are even times when you literally have to wrap yourself in a circle to hold the electrical wires. What else? There are even times when you go from one little robot to another. So it’s easy for your brain to melt. So when you got stuck (and you will be), the ability to run away and go somewhere else was great.

Filament is out now, and maybe it’s my favorite puzzle game of 2020.

Filament is out now, and maybe it’s my favorite puzzle game of 2020.

There was a strange problem with the Linux version: It seemed unable to recognize and download a language, so the whole menu was somehow broken, without any text. A quick restart and everything was fine. Oddly enough, it only happened once. Plus, all my acting classes were awesome!

With an originally quite simple puzzle mechanic who keeps the brain spinning, a dose of great atmospheric sound and a soft but very enjoyable artistic style, Filament is a puzzle game that is really worth your time and money. It’s fantastic. I enjoyed it.

You can find Filament on, Humble Store and Steam.

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